Mounting NTFS Disk on a Mac in read-write mode

by admin on February 24, 2017

if you have an external hard drive with NTFS format, you cannot write to disk on your MacOS system. NTFS format used in windows system and is mounted on MacOS in read only format due to some security reasons!

you can format your hard disk to FAT32 dormat to be readable and writable in Windows and Mac or use some 3rd party application to write on NTFS disk. but there is a simple way to mount NTFS disk on MacOS in W/R mode.


NTFS-3G is an open source cross-platform implementation of the Microsoft Windows NTFS file system with read-write support

1- if you don’t have brew package manager on your Mac, install it as described on

2- Install NTFS-3G and its dependencies from Homebrew by opening a Terminal and entering the following command.

3- I’ve prepared a simple shell script that you can use it to mount NTFS disk in read-write format manually. you can download script from here and make it executable by running below command.

Note: before running the script you should unmount your readonly mounted disk via pressing eject button on file manager.

please note that my external hard disk device mounted in system as /dev/disk2s1, so if your disk mounted as a different device in your system, you should check detected hard disk name on your system by checking your devices under /dev/ directory and replace it with disk2s1 in script with yours and then run it.

now run the script in terminal and wait for 5 second. your disk will be mounted in read-write format and you will get success message in script output. now you can use a file manager like File Commander to browse the disk.



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